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You and your words flooded my senses Your sentences left me defenseless You built me palaces out of paragraphs You built cathedrals
When Scott Pollizze met Donna Carli, he knew he was in for trouble. There was something about the girl, something about the combination of her red hair and that smile that just lent itself to something more. He knew this girl was going to change his life in ways he never imagined. It was the fall of 1983. He was starting his first year as a transfer student at Lehigh University, in Bethlehem PA. She was a sophomore, an RA on a different floor. She looked at him and he smiled -- and that's where this story begins.

Jinna Lynne, their only child, was born on a cold January day in 1988. Against the odds, Scott and Donna made it through college and his stint in grad school together. They move from PA to Tuckahoe NY - closer to NYC for his job, closer to White Plains where Donna's parents were, closer to Stamford, where Scott's parents were. It was a good central location. Donna opened her own small interior design firm - Delightful, and worked out of the house so she coud maximize her time with baby Jin. Scott was a history instructor at Bronx Community College, while he worked on his Doctorate at Columbia. Jinna was a good baby - a little colicky, but good over all. With her smile and shock of red hair, the Pollizze's felt complete.

When Jin was almost six, their whole world fell apart. The weekend after Thanksgiving, Donna was in a car accident. She was on her way home from dinner with some girlfriends from high school; their holiday tradition, the one time a year they were all together. The kid who plowed into the Pollizze's Civic was fighting with his girlfriend and never saw the car. That distraction is what took Donna away.

When you ask her, Jinny will tell you she doesn't remember any of it. That the memories she has of her mom are all invented, pieced together from stories told to her by her dad and her grandparents - but that's not entirely true. She remembers that her mother always smelled like roses and violets and mint. She remembers her singing along with whatever music was on. And she remembers the look of love in her parents eyes - that she could never ever forget.

While Scott tried his best not to shelter Jinna, he did a fair bit of helicopter parenting. He was very involved in her life: every recital, every art show, every game. And she appreciated it, even when it was overwhelming. Their family was tiny: it was the two of them against the world. When Jinna was ten, Scott coached her soccer league... and that's where they met Maggie and Grant. They'd moved to Tuckahoe from Boston, to be closer to Maggie's sister and her family - Grant and Jinny were in the same grade that fall and became fast friends. And so did Scott and Maggie. Their friendship turned into something more - and when Jinna was 16, her father and Maggie got married. She and her "brother" Grant walked Maggie down the aisle.

After HS, Jinna took a year off before going to Tisch at NYU. Art had always been a passion of hers and she worked hard at it. She pursued a degree in Photography and Imaging. It made her design sense much more rounded than it was initially. After working for a friend of the family, Jinna has chosen to freelance for a while - so she can focus on figuring out more about her asthetic. When she's not working n her art, she's behind the bar at McMannis' - it gives her the outlet to be as social as she wants.... and ability to hide when she's not there. Works just perfect for an ambivert like Jin.


⇢ facts
only child of a single dad. jin's mom passed away when she was five.
holds a ba in photography & imaging from tisch.
has never lived outside of the state of new york. the longest she's been away is the summer she spent working at disney.
her step brother is her best friend. they still talk every day- even if it's just a text to say hey.